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NLP’s Fatal Flaw

Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, TFT, 3d mind… All those beautiful ‘magical’ therapies. They all have something in common. A fatal flaw. A deadly paradox. It’s always there. Always lurking below the surface. Poking its head up from time to time, only to be quickly misdirected and shifted aside. It comes up for the practitioners. Especially the […]

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‘Focusing’ by Gendlin

Here are some thoughts on the book ‘Focusing’ by Gendlin. For ages and ages there has been a debate about change and therapy. It runs roughly along these lines. I will present the extreme sides to make it clearer. Side A. Cause/effect is a scam. The past is a red herring. All problems, all change […]

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Save Your Marriage

Is your marriage on the rocks? Is that long term relationship about to go bust? Has it already been dead for years? Have you long given up hope on figuring her out? In the next few weeks, I will be conducting an online workshop. I will be guiding you through my “how to win her […]

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Review: The Trilby Connection

This past week I got myself The Trilby Connection by Headhacking. Here are my impressions. 1. The packaging is a box that comes apart in the middle, revealing the main ‘book’ with DVD’s inside and a bonus DVD. It feels expensive and hints to the high production values of the HH crew. 2. I popped […]

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What is hypnosis Part 4, Trance and Hypnosis

Lets talk about trance and hypnosis now. I mentioned earlier that sensory deprivation tanks help enhance imagination. I also theorized that this is the basis of dreaming (we are disociated from external reality much like in a sensory deprivation tank). And it’s quite simple. The less external input someone has, the more they can respond […]

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What is Hypnosis Part 3, James Tripp Responds

Here is a recent discussion James Tripp and I had via email. James is a master hypnotist and changework artist. Go check out his work. It will be well worth your time and money. What do you think? James Tripp: OK, I think we are on a similar page (maybe). I would agree that state […]


Hypnosis Against Someones Will

Perhaps one of the most asked questions that I get as a hypnotist is “can you hypnotize someone to so something against their own will?” It’s a good question, an important question, but a very poorly worded question. Here’s why. Hypnotists are very good with words, frames, and manipulating your perception of reality. And so […]


What is Hypnosis Part 2, De-constructing Heap

Michael Heap has written a wonderful article on hypnosis. You can find it here. I think that it’s a wonderful article. Heap comes very very close to understanding hypnosis. In light of my recent understandings I’ll now show where he’s wrong. Read the Heap article first. Without it you won’t quite understand what I’m talking […]

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What is Hypnosis?

In the last week or so I have developed a new understanding of what hypnosis is. I have come to realize that there is a special state where people become more suggestible. I have also relaized the nature of dreaming. It’s not what you think it is 🙂 Enjoy, Share, and Comment! 1. Assuming you […]

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Covert Text Hypnosis

Here is a beautiful example of a covert arm levitation via IM. The subject new he was being hypnotized, but did not know that I was making his arm lift. When I revealed that to him, he was blown away. There’s a lot of therapeutic stuff here as well, so read it carefully and get what you […]

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