The Panel Audios

Exciting news!

Here are the audios from “The Panel”.

The Panel is consisted of 4 talented, experienced, world famous hypnotists…

Jon Chase

Richard Nongard

Anthony Jacquin

Michael Ellner

And it’s hosted by me Joe Fobes.

Our first discussion was on pretalk and intake, and it was a smashing success. I now use in my practice, quite a few of the ideas that were presented in the discussion.

And so here are the audios




Can You Make Them Rob Banks?

I’ll be posting details about the next panel discussion when they are available.

Enjoy and comment!

Subjective and Objective

Alright. As hypnotists we have one goal. To create your reality. Once we are in charge of reality, we suggest and reality and your mind makes it real. “You are stuck to the floor”.

But how do we get to that point before hypnosis? How do we lead you into the first phenomena?

There are 2 things. Objective and Subjective.

Reality and our experience of reality.

1. (Objective/reality) My hand is stuck.

2. (Subjective/Experience) I feel that my hand is stuck.

Imagining 1 is easy. Imagining 2 is harder.

“Imagine your hand is stuck” is much easier then “imagine you feel that your hand is stuck”.

But its much easier to go from imagining 2 to real 2 then to go from imagining 1 to real 1. Easier to go from imagining feeling a stuck hand to really feeling it, then to go from imagining that it is stuck to thinking that it is.

And so here is the best way to structure your suggestions to lead someone into an experience from scratch.

So we go Imagine 1>>Imagine 2>>Real 2>>Real 1.

Imagine its stuck>>Imagine it feels stuck>>It feels stuck>>It’s stuck.

And we’re there!

Once your subject is hypnotized it’s a different story and we will analyze that in a later post, but this is the best way to get there from scratch.

Secrets of the Subconscious

The legendary Dr. Dave Dobson once spoke about the belief systems that we all have on an other than conscious level. He mentioned how critical they are in determining our emotions, behaviors, and overall level of functioning.

At the same time because they mainly are at a subconscious level, it can be very very difficult to recognize just what they are! We can easily see whats in the box, but seeing what the box itself is made out of can be near impossible.

Then the good doctor revealed the secret to uncovering subconscious belief systems. Whenever you find yourself getting defensive and emotional about something, you know that a belief system of yours had been challenged.

Often we get too involved in our defensiveness and our emotions to realize just what a golden opportunity our subconscious mind is presenting us with! And this is happening while we are being given the secret keys to our very own minds!

Dr. Dobson then said that it might be a good idea to stop the next time we find ourselves getting defensive, and examine just what that says about our belief systems. With some wisdom and self compassion we can then go and reformulate those beliefs so that we can create the life we deserve.

Wise words from a wise man.

Let’s examine for a moment why we get defensive when we have our beliefs challenged and see if we can’t get a bit of a deeper understanding into the inner workings of the subconscious mind.

It all starts with emotions.

Among the many things the subconscious mind does, there is one job that it has that is key. That job is to keep us safe and alive. The prime way the subconscious accomplishes this goal is by using emotions. Emotions are signals from our subconscious mind to take action so that we can be safe. Here is a small list of some common emotions and what they signal:

Fear is the primary emotion. It comes when your subconscious thinks you might be in danger. The action you need to take is fight or flight.

Anxiety is when your subconscious thinks you are not well enough prepared for something. The action you need to take is to prepare yourself.

Anger is when your subconscious thinks you have been treated unfairly. The action you need to take is to even up the score.

Guilt is when your subconscious thinks you have acted unfairly and against your morals. The action you need to take is to right the wrong.

Sadness is when your subconscious thinks you have lost something of value. The action you need to take is to get it back or replace it.

Frustration is when your subconscious thinks that what you’re doing isn’t working. The action you need to take is to try a different way or to give up the project.

The key word in all the above descriptions is “thinks”.  The reality matters very little, it is what your subconscious thinks is reality that makes the emotion.

This is the whole basis for REBT, which focuses on changing your beliefs and basing them more firmly in reality so that your subconscious doesn’t have these thoughts that often. If your subconscious doesn’t think there is a problem, it won’t need to generate an emotion to try to get you to take action to fix the problem.

For reasons I will explain in a later post, the first and most important skill in staying safe is knowing what is real and what is not. The subconscious will do pretty much anything to make sure that a person stays true to reality. Threaten a persons sense of reality, and you will get an emotion quicker than anything else you can do.

And that’s why when we find our beliefs challenged we get so emotional. When our beliefs are challenged, we are in essence being told ‘your reality is not reality, something else is reality’. That to our subconscious, is a very dangerous message.

So long as the subconscious believes that we do have the correct reality, then anything trying to get us to believe otherwise is trying to get us to believe in fantasy. And as we will talk about in the next post, thinking that fantasy is reality can be fatal.

And so with that in mind, take the good doctors words to heart and enjoy finding yourself afraid, anxious, and riled up. Thats when you get to find out what you truly believe so you can do some deep and powerful work to change your beliefs and reality and live a richer and more satisfying life.

You can find part 2 here.

Conversational Obsession Blowout

Here is an interesting conversational obsession blowout.

See if you can figure out what the main changework engine was in this case.


STRANGER: So I have a true mystery for you
STRANGER: Maybe you’ll be able to help me out here
You: fire away
STRANGER: My old friend is MPD
STRANGER: Which means Multiple Personality Disorder
STRANGER: And one of her personalities is in love with me
STRANGER: but the thing is
STRANGER: (You’re prolly thinking bullshit…sorry for my lang)
STRANGER: But any way
You: mhmm
STRANGER: I loved him too
STRANGER: But then I figured no…because of all the complications
STRANGER: Parents, friends, love, kids…ect
You: mhmm
STRANGER: And then I ended up saying no
STRANGER: Because I have a boy friend any way
You: ok
STRANGER: And then we got into this huge fight because I wanted to play the cello
STRANGER: And i sent him into this deep depression to the point where he was sesizuring
STRANGER: And we stopped talking because he got a gf
You: this is your bf? or the mpd person?
STRANGER: I’m kinda telling you half the story
STRANGER: But any way
STRANGER: He’s still in love with me…and I still care a load about him…
You: mhmm
STRANGER: But we never talk and or never speak
STRANGER: How do you get over someone
STRANGER: That is crazy
STRANGER: Because I think about him way to much
You: that’s a good question
STRANGER: And it’s not healthy for my current relationship
You: so you’re a bit obsessed with this guy
You: guy
You: and you want to get over him
You: and it’s hard
STRANGER: exactly
You: well
You: heh
You: I work with this all the time
You: personally I just hypnotize the person
You: and tell their mind
You: to stop obsessing
You: and they are better
STRANGER: I don’t think that would work on me
You: hmm
You: and why not
STRANGER: This isn’t a matter of the mind….
You: and what is it a matter of?
STRANGER: Well heart
STRANGER: I suppose
STRANGER: Oh you know never mind
STRANGER: I sound like a teenager
STRANGER: That is annoying
STRANGER: And crazy too
You: lol
You: well do you want to feel better?
STRANGER: I always manage to get into the weirdest situations
STRANGER: I have a feeling that it will eventually go away
STRANGER: But it has been a year
You: mhmm
STRANGER: Most would say just go with the MPD fella
STRANGER: But I don’t really want to leave my boyfriend of 2 years
STRANGER: He hasn’t hurt me
You: you don’t
You: he hasn’t
STRANGER: So if stick with logic
STRANGER: Then he is the correct choice
STRANGER: I’m talking to myself over this things
STRANGER: thing*
STRANGER: Any ways
You: interesting
You: so you want the mpd guy
You: and you logically think you ought to stay with the current BF
You: and it’s not easy to be torn like that
STRANGER: Nope…but I deal
STRANGER: The MPD guy is in a girls body
STRANGER: So I would be dating a girl/guy
You: Ah I see
You: and so you want him/her
You: and your logic says no
You: that’s gotta be tough
You: to be in that scenario
STRANGER: It’s irritating…
STRANGER: But I don’t do things that are healthy for my mind
STRANGER: Well when it comes to that
STRANGER: And he can make me smile any time…just one look
STRANGER: And bam that blushing pink smile just comes out of no where
You: mhmm
STRANGER: See, not healthy
You: so it’s irritating and unhealthy
You: that’s how you feel
STRANGER: Well I’m healthy in generall
STRANGER: but when it comes to him not so much
STRANGER: And when it comes to my BF…I just want to be happy with him
You: yes
You: so you want to be happy
You: and this other person makes you do that blushing pink smile
You: and that smile is making you irritated
You: and it makes you feel unhealthy
STRANGER: Oh alright, when you put it that way…it seems like happiness is just over the corner
You: what do you mean?
STRANGER: So, “You want to be happy and this other person makes you do that blushing pink smile.”
You: isn’t that what you said?
You: it is
You: and you don’t like to feel unhealthy
You: or irritated
STRANGER: Nope…but I’m addicting to missing him
You: how do you feel about the fact that you feel irritated?
STRANGER: and plus he wouldn’t date me now any way
You: so you’re addicted
STRANGER: because he has a girl friend and I hurt him
You: and how does that feel?
STRANGER: Well I was addicted more before than now
You: what does that addicted make you feel?
STRANGER: For the longest time…I would smell him every where and think about him 24/7 and listen to all the music he’s given me
You: and how does that make you feel?
You: you want to be happy, and so how does that addicted make you feel now
STRANGER: Well nostalogic
You: yes
You: and how does that make you feel
You: that nostalgia that conflicts with happiness
You: how does that feel
STRANGER: Well i suppose pointless…since I’m never gonna go any where with the f=guy
STRANGER: the guy*
You: so you feel pointless
You: so he makes you feel pointless
You: and how does that feel?
You: ah correct me
STRANGER: I feel pointless because I know I already screwed up
STRANGER: He doesn’t make me feel pointless
STRANGER: pointless =irritated and crazy
You: and how does that addiction and nostalgia that he makes you feel, how does that make you feel when you want to be happy now?
STRANGER: Irritated
STRANGER: and excited
You: so you want to feel happy
You: and you feel irritated and excited
You: and how do you feel about the fact that you feel excited?
You: you want to feel happy
You: and you feel excited
STRANGER: It makes me smile that pink blushing smile
You: and so what’s the problem?
STRANGER: I want to be happy when I think about my BF
You: and?
STRANGER: When I think about my bf I feel bored
You: so this pink blushing smile
You: makes you feel bored about bf
You: and you don’t want that
STRANGER: exactly
You: you want to be happy not bored
You: so how do you feel about that
You: that you feel bored and not excited
You: how does that make you feel
STRANGER: Well crazy
You: does crazy feel good?
STRANGER: Because I want an insane person over my bf
You: and does that feel good?
STRANGER: Not particularly
You: not particularly
STRANGER: where are you going with all this?
You: well I’m trying to understand
You: let me see if I’m getting it right
You: you want to be happy
You: and this person
You: makes you addicted and nostalgic
You: makes you irritated and blushing
You: and excited
You: and that makes you bored and not happy
You: and it makes you feel crazy
You: which feels not particularly good
You: is that correct?
You: hmm
You: so this guy makes you feel crazy and irritated and not happy
You: is that correct?
STRANGER: Well the MPD guy makes me happy but it’s not healthy…because I want to be happy with my current bf not the MPD guy
You: and how do you feel about the fact that he makes you feel that way? how do you feel about the fact that he makes you feel unhealthy things?
STRANGER: It’s irritating because I let him “make” me feel those things
You: yes
You: so when he makes you feel things
You: it’s irritating
You: yes
You: so he makes you feel irritated?
STRANGER: Well in a round about way
You: yes
STRANGER: More happy
You: how do you feel about that happy
You: that unhealthy happy
STRANGER: that I shouldn’t feel it
You: that he makes you feel
You: yes
You: and how does it make you feel then
You: knowing that you shouldn’t feel it
STRANGER: guilty…because I have a bf
You: and does guilty feel good?
STRANGER: It feels wrong
You: and how does wrong feel? bad or good?
You: So he makes you feel bad
You: happy, then irritated, then guilty then wrong then bad
You: yes?
You: yes
You: ok so let me get this straight
You: ok?
You: you want to feel happy. And you want to be happy with BF. And this MPD guy makes you feel addicted, nostalgic, happy, irritated, excited, bad, guilty, wrong, and bad. And you want to feel happy, not bad and wrong and guilty and bored and irritated. Yes?
You: yes
You: it’s tough when someone makes you feel so bad
You: so horribly bad
You: you see them and you feel bad
You: you feel bored with that bad feeling
You: it’s boring
You: it’s something that you have no interest in
You: bad feelings
You: you know what I mean?
You: bad feelings can get boring after a while
You: I had a friend
You: who had someone who made him feel bad
You: after a while
You: he got bored of feeling bad
You: and he just didn’t even notice that person anymore
You: that person was so boring
You: same old bad feeling
You: over and over and over
You: it gets boring
You: that cycle
You: or bad
You: it’s boring
You: nothing to see here
You: you know what I mean by that, don’t you.
You: yes
You: and he realized something very important
You: that once he felt that bored feeling
You: that being bored with feeling bad
You: he couldn’t go back
You: it was over
You: forever
You: he was bored with that bad feeling
You: and he stayed bored
You: forever
You: anytime that person tried to bring him back
You: that bored feeling would be there
You: and he would feel zero interest
You: he would feel irritation
You: but mostly complete disinterest
You: you feel that now what I’m saying
You: don’t you
You: yes
You: and so what was your problem?
You: it’s gone now, isn’t it
You: completely gone
You: the harder you look for it
You: the further it goes away
You: and disappears
You: so boring
You: the more you try
You: the more it’s gone
You: meaningless
You: Booooorrrring
You: isn’t that so
You: say thank you to the nice hypnotist 🙂
STRANGER: thank you to the nice hypnotist
You: think about that MPD person now, how do you feel
You: how do you feel about that person
STRANGER: Empty…is what I would call it
You: yep
You: it’s all over, isn’t it
STRANGER: You’re a very interesting character
You: now here is the interesting thing
You: and watch this
You: all that excitement and addiction and blushing smile
You: all that
You: has simply moved over
You: right on to your BF
You: even stronger now
You: on your BF
STRANGER: *smiles*
You: think about your BF and feel that strongly now
You: so powerful
You: so amazing
You: he looks at you
You: your wonderful bf
You: and you feel that blushing smile
You: you can’t help yourself
You: that feeling
You: that excitement
You: like wow
You: WOW
You: 😀
STRANGER: This is ridiculous/crazy/insane/awesome
You: and the more you spent time with him
You: the better and better it gets now
You: better and better
You: stringer and stronger
You: so wonderful
You: that happy, exciting, healthy, feeling
You: so sweet
STRANGER: *smiles*
You: that feels so right, doesn’t it
STRANGER: And bizarre
You: yes
You: and healthy
You: and **right*

Note: I later installed the ability to remove the feeling from her boyfriend also, I didn’t leave her feeling that way with her boyfriend with no way out.