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Acknowledgement Part 8: Focusing Inside To The Core

Till this point we have learned quite a lot of useful Acknowledgement stuff. You can actually do brilliant work using just The Basic Protocol to settle things down, and then focusing on one thing and Drilling Down To Bedrock, all the while Going Meta to keep things on track. In this post I’ll teach you […]


Acknowledgement Part 7: Understanding Drilling Down To Bedrock

Ok, so last post I promised I would speak about some of the theory involved in Drilling Down To¬†Bedrock¬†(DDTB). I’m doing this because it’s cool stuff and also because it’s pretty useful in troubleshooting DDTB. Think about it like this. We all map the world. All the time. It’s what helps us predict what is […]


Acknowledgement Part 6: Troubleshooting “Drilling Down To Bedrock”

A few points in regards to the last protocol “Drilling Down To Bedrock”. Firstly, when you ask ‘why’ you often get “I don’t know” as an answer. The way you deal with this is simple, you treat it like any interruption. You Go Meta in it and you do Acknowledgement for that (“I wish I […]


Acknowledgement Part 5: Drilling Down To Bedrock

So we have learned The Basic Protocol and we have learned how to Go Meta when doing Acknowledgement. Now it’s time to learn another protocol. It’s called “Drilling Down To Bedrock”. Here is the theoretical bit. Say you have acknowledged something and it’s now fully accepted as part of your reality. It’s still possible for […]

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Acknowledgement Part 4: Going Meta

Ok. So we have learned how to do The Formula and The Basic Protocol. Time to focus in on something that often happens while doing The Basic Protocol. Many beginners think it’s a problem, advanced practitioners realize that it’s actually a very important part of the process. Here it is. Often when you do The […]

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Acknowledgement Part 3: The Formula and The Basic Protocol

Ok, so we have the basic conflict. Every suffering has a reality opposing a wish/expectation. After doing the last exercise you’re skilled at identifying the wish from a reality. So now what? How do we resolve this issue? And the answer turns out to be quite simple. The wish and the reality need not conflict. […]


Acknowledgement Part 2: Exercise

Here is the first acknowledgement exercise. It probably won’t take you more than 5 minutes and it’s extremely simple. The goal is to train you to spot both sides of the basic conflict even when presented with only one side of the equation. For example, lets say you have this reality: “I can’t afford my […]


Acknowledgement Part 1: The Basic Conflict

In this series of posts I will go through Acknowledgement. I will explain the concepts, give you exercises to do, and train you in troubleshooting. If you do the exercises I assign (which will mostly be pretty quick and easy) you can get pretty skilled at Acknowledgement rather quickly. I’m talking in the range of […]


I’m Back

After a nearly 2 year hiatus, I’m back to blogging. I have 4 books inside which are begging to be written and I have not been listening to them too well. My friend Jimmy H suggested that I blog in order to get the words on the page. I think it’s a fine idea. The […]


A Tip For Working with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

When working with clients who suffer from GAD (general anxiety disorder) I have often found that they present with ‘my anxiety just happens, it’s not about anything specific…’. In the past this was quite the barrier for me to work with, and after some time and experience with those clients I have notice some interesting […]

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