Think Thin Get Slim

Below is an article I wrote for my friend Joshua Houghton’s hypnosis blog about weight loss.

Weight loss.

The two words that either strike fear or bring joy to the hearts of hypnotists.

For some hypnotists weight loss is a wonderful opportunity. A weight loss client often comes in for multiple sessions over the long term, has clearly measurable results, and is a veritable walking billboard for you as a hypnotist, as all her friends and family ask her how she dropped the 50 pounds. A single success can be worth thousands of dollars in additional business.

For others weight loss presents a massive challenge. Either it’s because they find themselves overweight and so can’t seem to get the client to change, or they don’t have a concrete plan. Weight loss is often a complex issue with many factors involved, and nailing all of them can often be quite a challenge.

In this article I’m going to speak about weight loss in the context of my overall therapeutic approach, and I’ll be giving you some very clear and concrete suggestions on how to develop a program with weight loss clients. If you yourself have weight issues, you might find yourself applying these ideas to your own problem and dropping some excess baggage yourself!

The main challenge that I faced as a beginning hypnotist and therapist was the issue of context. Many times I conducted the ‘perfect session’ in the therapy room, yet later my clients would come back complaining that the change didn’t stick, or that in ‘real life’ there was no change. I quickly leaned that ‘real life’ and the therapy room were two different worlds, and the issues the client presented in the therapy room weren’t the actual issues the client was facing. Consciously they thought one thing, but reality was not like that.

To solve this, I developed a whole host of ways to bring ‘real life’ to the therapy room and have the symptoms join us right then and there so we could work on the real issues. The method that I find most effective is tasking.

When I task a client, I give them something to do in real life that I think will provoke the problem. When the client comes back the next week and tells me what went wrong, we can then work on that and make some very real progress. This makes sure that what we work on isn’t only something the client thinks is the problem, it is an actual block to their success. And so for example, when my social anxiety client reported back that he couldn’t complete his task of going over to one person per day and saying “hi”, I asked him what stopped him. We discovered that he had this voice that told him “stop!”. Once we worked with the voice, his main problem was resolved.

Once you have this concept down clearly, you quickly realize that weight loss clients are very simple to work with. Instead of trying to analyze and figure out what is wrong in the therapy room, I give the client my very very simple “Think Thin Get Slim” plan to follow and send them out into the real world. The program includes a simple eating system, a belief change element which I usually do in the live session, and a very powerful process I developed called ABTC that works directly with the subconscious to instantly change emotions, cravings, and automatic thoughts. It also includes a self-hypnosis cd that reinforces the program and the changes made.

I then have the client keep track of what they experience when they find themselves having difficulty following the plan. Once I have that information, I work on that issue and send them out again. I once again have them notice any roadblocks, and in the next session we resolve those too.

Very often as the client drops more and more weight, different issues arise. It’s almost as if every layer of fat has its own reason for being there and its own story to tell. As the previous layer comes off, the next one gets its chance.

When I work on weight loss with this approach, my clients don’t gain the weight back. That’s because instead of simply pumping the client with motivation and suggestions, doing some age regressions and parts, and peeling the pounds off, we have worked through the real issues that the layers of fat have been hiding.

My starting schedule with weight loss clients goes as follows:
Session one.
One week break.
Session Two.
Two week break.
Session Three.
Three week break.
Session Four.
One month break.
Session Five.

In this way, I see the client 5 times over a two and a half month period. That gives us plenty of time to work through whatever comes up and set the client on a smooth path going forward. The schedule is obviously flexible according to the needs of the individual client. If a client is having trouble, I will pack the sessions closer together. I use the above schedule as a general guideline.

And so to you the hypnotist who feels fear when you hear the words “Weight Loss” , know that those sorry days are over! Simply develop a comprehensive weight loss program that gives the client a clear set of tasks to follow, and then troubleshoot from there!

My ThinkThinGetSlim program is launching on Sunday Feburary 13th at 9AM.

When you order you will receive the instant download which includes:

-An audio interview that teaches you the entire system step by step.
-The program manual that makes it even more crystal clear.
-The super powerful self hypnosis audio that will completely reprogram your mind to the ‘thin’ mindset.
-A masterful belief creation program that will completely rewire your subconscious to make your change automatic and easy.
-The super powerful ABTC system which nearly instantly transforms emotions, cravings, and automatic thoughts.
-Instant access to the ThinkThinGetSlim private forum, where I Joe will personally be providing rock solid support and will be available to answer your questions to get you thin once and for all.

If you can make it to the bottom of the sales page my marketer made me place up there, you’ll see that although the regular price is $297, for 72 hours after launch the price is slashed to $97.

The website is

Go and get your copy today!

Good luck and have fun!


PS If you found these ideas useful, you might be interested in joining my online supervision group.

Feel Good Instantly!

This last cool idea came from a client…

In the session we ended up chatting with his older self. We asked for a useful belief for his younger self to have. The older self gave us “I’m not perfect and don’t need to be”.

And so the client tried it out. He closed his eyes, and sincerely said “I’m not perfect and don’t need to be”. The moment he said that something pretty cool happened… he felt a massive wave of relief and relaxation.

We started going through all his various problems, and we used them as proof that he isn’t perfect and doesn’t need to be.

It ended up that whenever he thought to himself “I have anxiety”, that thought made him feel awesome 🙂

And so thats the new tool. When something is bothering you just say “I don’t need to perfect, and I’m not, proof being (insert problem here)”.

Go do it now! Think of something thats bothering you. Something that you have been workign on for a long time, or a flaw that you think you have that you’re upset or embarrased about. Then say the magic words… “I don’t need to perfect, and I’m not, proof being (insert problem here)”.

Then just notice the tangible feeling of relief and relaxation 🙂

Use, Enjoy, and Comment!


Blindingly Fast Text Hypnosis

This is a text trance from a while back…

William and I had never met or spoken, but he did know that I was a hypnotist. He also had never before been hypnotized.

I would say it’s most probably the quickest tested hypnosis ever done via text (with no previous installed PHS).

It took 1 minute 20 seconds from the open until we got an IMR, and another 4 minutes 40 seconds until I got confirmation for a negative visual hallucination.

Study it and then go do it yourself!


[4/21/2009 3:11:34 PM] Joe says: try this, put your fingers
[4/21/2009 3:11:37 PM] Joe says: on two keys
[4/21/2009 3:11:43 PM] Joe says: one for yes
[4/21/2009 3:11:45 PM] Joe says: and one for no
[4/21/2009 3:11:49 PM] Joe says: got that now?
[4/21/2009 3:11:52 PM] William says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:12:00 PM] Joe says: so give me the signal for yes
[4/21/2009 3:12:02 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:12:07 PM] Joe says: good
[4/21/2009 3:12:12 PM] Joe says: and the signal for no
[4/21/2009 3:12:13 PM] William says: n
[4/21/2009 3:12:17 PM] Joe says: great
[4/21/2009 3:12:19 PM] Joe says: so now
[4/21/2009 3:12:26 PM] Joe says: I’m going to ask your unconscious
[4/21/2009 3:12:33 PM] Joe says: to automatically move that yes finger
[4/21/2009 3:12:37 PM] Joe says: and signal yes
[4/21/2009 3:12:42 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:12:43 PM] Joe says: don’t do it consciously
[4/21/2009 3:12:50 PM] Joe says: was that unconscious?
[4/21/2009 3:12:54 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:12:59 PM] Joe says: perfect
[4/21/2009 3:13:03 PM] Joe says: and you are in trance now
[4/21/2009 3:13:23 PM] Joe says: and unconscious, can you make him feel a nice warm feeling in his chest now?
[4/21/2009 3:13:28 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:13:42 PM] Joe says: and please do that now and signal when yes when its done
[4/21/2009 3:13:51 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:13:55 PM] Joe says: perfect
[4/21/2009 3:14:07 PM] Joe says: and can you have his conscious mind tune out here?
[4/21/2009 3:14:11 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:14:15 PM] Joe says: so we can communicate for his own good now?
[4/21/2009 3:14:20 PM] Joe says: and please do that now
[4/21/2009 3:14:22 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:14:25 PM] Joe says: and signal when done
[4/21/2009 3:14:29 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:14:32 PM] Joe says: great
[4/21/2009 3:14:50 PM] Joe says: and can you make it that anything in the (_) is only for you and is unimportant to his conscious mind?
[4/21/2009 3:14:56 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:15:18 PM] Joe says: and can you make it so unimportant to his conscious so that he doesn’t notice it at all consciously?
[4/21/2009 3:15:27 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:15:43 PM] Joe says: and he skips over it consciously easily and quickly and it feels so natural and easy
[4/21/2009 3:15:47 PM] Joe says: and it feels good
[4/21/2009 3:15:51 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:15:53 PM] Joe says: and if he doesn’t notice that
[4/21/2009 3:16:03 PM] Joe says: and please do that now and signal when done
[4/21/2009 3:16:10 PM] William says: y
[4/21/2009 3:16:14 PM] Joe says: thank you
[4/21/2009 3:16:46 PM] Joe says: and please wake him now feeling amazingly great with that effect in full force having him not notice
[4/21/2009 3:16:59 PM] Joe says: how was that William?
[4/21/2009 3:17:06 PM] William says: nice
[4/21/2009 3:17:09 PM] Joe says: nice
[4/21/2009 3:17:11 PM] William says: but what happened really?
[4/21/2009 3:17:16 PM] Joe says: 3 (4) 7 2 9
[4/21/2009 3:17:21 PM] Joe says: what numbers do you see?
[4/21/2009 3:17:22 PM] William says: 3629
[4/21/2009 3:17:32 PM] William says: i mean 3729
[4/21/2009 3:17:35 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:18:08 PM] Joe says: (please make his name be lost to him for the next minute for his own good, and make him feel amazed by that now) it was trance
[4/21/2009 3:18:12 PM] Joe says: what is your name
[4/21/2009 3:18:19 PM] William says: William
[4/21/2009 3:18:21 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:18:23 PM] Joe says: very good
[4/21/2009 3:18:53 PM] Joe says: (please stick his leg to the floor for his own enjoyment now and make him enjoy that now) perfect
[4/21/2009 3:18:57 PM] Joe says: and please try
[4/21/2009 3:19:02 PM] Joe says: to lift that eg
[4/21/2009 3:19:05 PM] Joe says: leg
[4/21/2009 3:19:11 PM] Joe says: how does that feel now?
[4/21/2009 3:19:23 PM] William says: i cant move my leg?
[4/21/2009 3:19:25 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:19:30 PM] Joe says: are you in trance?
[4/21/2009 3:19:37 PM] William says: i dont know
[4/21/2009 3:19:41 PM] Joe says: hmmm
[4/21/2009 3:19:50 PM] Joe says: are you usually able to move that leg?
[4/21/2009 3:20:08 PM] William says: yes, but now it just stuck
[4/21/2009 3:20:18 PM] Joe says: (please make him forget his name for a minute now so he can fully enjoy the power of his mind) and how is that?
[4/21/2009 3:20:22 PM] Joe says: how is that?
[4/21/2009 3:20:28 PM] William says: strange
[4/21/2009 3:20:31 PM] Joe says: lets try your name again
[4/21/2009 3:20:34 PM] Joe says: what is it?
[4/21/2009 3:20:38 PM] William says: aa
[4/21/2009 3:20:39 PM] William says: wait
[4/21/2009 3:20:42 PM] Joe says: wait!
[4/21/2009 3:20:45 PM] Joe says: its gone!
[4/21/2009 3:20:49 PM] William says: no its not
[4/21/2009 3:20:52 PM] Joe says: lol
[4/21/2009 3:20:54 PM] William says: it just takes some time
[4/21/2009 3:20:56 PM] Joe says: what is it?
[4/21/2009 3:21:01 PM] William says: ahh
[4/21/2009 3:21:12 PM] Joe says: have you ever needed time to remember your name?
[4/21/2009 3:21:16 PM] William says: no
[4/21/2009 3:21:21 PM] Joe says: so are you in trance?
[4/21/2009 3:21:24 PM] William says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:21:28 PM] Joe says: wonderful
[4/21/2009 3:21:39 PM] Joe says: feels nice?
[4/21/2009 3:21:44 PM] William says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:21:51 PM] Joe says: (make him feel really really amazing now!) great
[4/21/2009 3:21:53 PM] Joe says: ahhh
[4/21/2009 3:21:56 PM] Joe says: that feels good!
[4/21/2009 3:22:05 PM] Joe says: you like that?
[4/21/2009 3:22:08 PM] William says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:22:10 PM] Joe says: great
[4/21/2009 3:22:20 PM] Joe says: so what would you like from trance?
[4/21/2009 3:23:08 PM] Joe says: (please make him feel a great want to go make a post on uncommon forum about being in trance as soon as we are done here for his own good) what would you like to experience?
[4/21/2009 3:23:11 PM] Joe says: what things
[4/21/2009 3:23:20 PM] William says: i dont know
[4/21/2009 3:23:31 PM] Joe says: (give him some ideas now please) Hmmm
[4/21/2009 3:23:34 PM] Joe says: any ideas?
[4/21/2009 3:23:39 PM] William says: maybe stuck in place?
[4/21/2009 3:23:43 PM] Joe says: okie
[4/21/2009 3:23:50 PM] Joe says: so are you stuck in place now?
[4/21/2009 3:23:57 PM] William says: not
[4/21/2009 3:24:33 PM] Joe says: (please make him stuck in place now with only his arms free) how about now?
[4/21/2009 3:24:38 PM] Joe says: stuck now?
[4/21/2009 3:24:44 PM] William says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:24:54 PM] Joe says: how cool is that?
[4/21/2009 3:24:59 PM] William says: weird
[4/21/2009 3:25:02 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:25:21 PM] Joe says: 1 (3) 8 3 0 type the numbers you see please now
[4/21/2009 3:25:26 PM] William says: 1830
[4/21/2009 3:25:53 PM] Joe says: (please make him be able to see the 3 from the last message now) what happened?
[4/21/2009 3:26:03 PM] Joe says: you didn’t see the (_)!
[4/21/2009 3:26:12 PM] William says: wow i just noticed that now
[4/21/2009 3:26:14 PM] Joe says: lol
[4/21/2009 3:26:16 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:26:31 PM] Joe says: (please remove all the effects now except for the (_) effect)
[4/21/2009 3:26:33 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:26:35 PM] Joe says: very cool
[4/21/2009 3:26:40 PM] Joe says: your unstuck now
[4/21/2009 3:26:44 PM] Joe says: and the name is back
[4/21/2009 3:26:48 PM] William says: yes i feel my legs again
[4/21/2009 3:26:50 PM] Joe says: yes
[4/21/2009 3:26:53 PM] Joe says: okie
[4/21/2009 3:26:57 PM] Joe says: i gotta run
[4/21/2009 3:27:12 PM] Joe says: go make that post on the forum
[4/21/2009 3:27:16 PM] Joe says: 🙂
[4/21/2009 3:27:21 PM] William says: yes i was on it
[4/21/2009 3:27:24 PM] Joe says: okie
[4/21/2009 3:27:26 PM] William says: but how u know that?
[4/21/2009 3:27:28 PM] Joe says: see you later
[4/21/2009 3:27:29 PM] William says: :O
[4/21/2009 3:27:37 PM] Joe says: I told you to do it lol