Being The Hypnotist…. The Magical 10 Minute Confidence Maker

One of the most important things you want to have as a hypnotist is the attitude that you are The Hypnotist. That you can hypnotize anyone anywhere at anytime. I once heard someone tell a hypnotist “I am not easy to hypnotize”. The immediate answer was a laugh and “EVERYONE is easy to hypnotize”. You have to have an attitude that you have done this a million times before, there is no question it will work, and there is no possibility of failure.

Once you are The Hypnotist everything you do is exponentially more powerful.

But hey! How are you supposed to feel like The Hypnotist if you have never hypnotized before?

The short answer is…. fake it till you make it. But that can be a bit hard when your insides feel like mushed jelly and you are scared to death.

So here is a powerful method that I used back when I was a beginner and trying to get that magical attitude.

Take a deep breath and relax, let yourself relax completely.

Then close your eyes and picture yourself doing something that you are totally confident about. I used a very simple example, that when I drive to work every day I know where my office is. If someone asked me “you sure?” I would look at him like he was crazy and go “hell yeah”.

I KNOW I will find my office. I’m 1000% certain. A visitor wouldn’t be so certain that they know where to get off the highway and will be able to turn at the right  place. I do know. Clear. Sure. Certain. Confident. 1 Million Percent. Think of an example that works for you. I’m SURE you have one.

Then notice how it looks, sounds, feels, and what happens to your body when you imaging those thoughts and feelings. By me it happened to be a low steady powerful sound, a feeling of thick honey spreading in my lower chest, and a narrowing of my vision until I had the thing in sight like a laser beam. I also leaned an tiny bit forward and expelled our air through my nose. Hey, that’s how confidence feels and exists for me. Everyone has their own exact personalized version.

OK, now that you have that, squeeze your fist and see everything get cranked up a notch. So I squeezed my fist, and made the sound more powerful, deeper, felt the honey get thicker, bigger, expelled air more forcefully….. I cranked everything up. The harder I squeezed, the more I cranked it up. Harder and harder, more and more confident. Within a minute I was squeezing like hell and feeling that the most confident I’ve ever felt. Then I let go and let the confidence linger in me. I imagined that I had just filled myself up with confidence, and that even after I stopped pouring it in it was still there. And I squeezed again, and again, and again. Bam Bam BAM.

Now every time I squeeze like hell I get an absurd boost of confidence. It’s automatic.

Then I saw myself going over to do hypnosis. I felt high, flaky, and shaky. The opposite of confidence. I change the picture to look like the confident one. Low, strong, deep, honey….. and I squeezed and let the confidence grow and spread.

Rinse and repeat.


The whole thing took 10 minutes total. Yep that’s all it was. 🙂

Good luck, try it NOW, and drop us a comment when you are done to tell us how it went!


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