The Panel Audios

Exciting news!

Here are the audios from “The Panel”.

The Panel is consisted of 4 talented, experienced, world famous hypnotists…

Jon Chase

Richard Nongard

Anthony Jacquin

Michael Ellner

And it’s hosted by me Joe Fobes.

Our first discussion was on pretalk and intake, and it was a smashing success. I now use in my practice, quite a few of the ideas that were presented in the discussion.

And so here are the audios




Can You Make Them Rob Banks?

I’ll be posting details about the next panel discussion when they are available.

Enjoy and comment!

4 Replies to “The Panel Audios”

  1. Hey Joe,

    Thanks … for these great audios
    with these excellenent hypnotist!
    I really enjoyed listening to them.

    Yet, the bad audio quality is one point
    of critique. Could you maybe upload
    higher quality ones or tell me how I
    could attain them?


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