The easy path to weight loss…

Here’s how to lose weight and then maintain your goal weight easily. Having dropped 35 pounds recently (with 25 more to go until I get to my perfect weight) I have been thinking about weight loss a lot. So here’s what I think.

Let’s begin by exploring the difference between skinny and fat people. Skinny people aren’t on diets, they don’t watch what they eat, they don’t exercise, and yet they seem to stay skinny effortlessly. How do they do that?

Of course there are many skinny people with fast metabolisms, but we often see people from the same families that are at different weights. So what might then be the secret to the difference between fat and skinny people?

The answer is very very simple. Skinny people eat until their full, and then they stop. Fat people keep going until there isn’t any food left or until they can’t force any more down.

So which way is more natural? Small children usually don’t stuff themselves, even when they are eating a meal they enjoy. Neither do most animals. Its actually instinctively rather unpleasant to keep eating after you’re already full. Its almost like not going to the bathroom for a few days. You feel stuffed up, sluggish, and uncomfortable.

So why do fat people keep eating after they are full? If you ask them they’ll say ‘I’m still hungry’. But what does that mean? If they are so full how can they still feel hungry?

The answer is rather simple. Hunger is a physical sensation that we feel in two areas of our body. We feel it in our stomach and we feel it in our mouth/throat. I’m sure you know the sensation of your stomach feeling empty. That feeling comes in the morning before breakfast and at any time that you haven’t eaten in a while. Its been described as a dull, low key, uncomfortable sensation.

I’m also sure that you’re familiar with the sensation of hunger in your mouth. That feeling can come when you see a food that you really enjoy and want to eat. It’s often described as a strong craving, its sharper and more ‘alive’.

The secret is that only the stomach sensation is triggered physiologically and is real hunger. When your stomach fills up that sensation goes away. However the mouth feeling is psychologically triggered and more food in your stomach wont satisfy it. It’s only when the psychological need is met or the person is so stuffed that it is nearly impossible to eat that the feeling goes away.

As I’m sure you have guessed by now, skinny people primarily use their stomach hunger to tell them when and how much to eat, and overweight people use their mouth hunger to tell them when to eat. This is the source of the paradoxical ‘I’m really full but I’m still hungry’.

This is why fat people always gain it back, and why skinny people stay skinny. The only easy way to lose your extra weight and maintain your perfect weight is to change from being a fat person into being a skinny person.

In my next post I’ll teach you how to do just that.

Till then enjoy stuffing your face!

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