Subjective and Objective

Alright. As hypnotists we have one goal. To create your reality. Once we are in charge of reality, we suggest and reality and your mind makes it real. “You are stuck to the floor”.

But how do we get to that point before hypnosis? How do we lead you into the first phenomena?

There are 2 things. Objective and Subjective.

Reality and our experience of reality.

1. (Objective/reality) My hand is stuck.

2. (Subjective/Experience) I feel that my hand is stuck.

Imagining 1 is easy. Imagining 2 is harder.

“Imagine your hand is stuck” is much easier then “imagine you feel that your hand is stuck”.

But its much easier to go from imagining 2 to real 2 then to go from imagining 1 to real 1. Easier to go from imagining feeling a stuck hand to really feeling it, then to go from imagining that it is stuck to thinking that it is.

And so here is the best way to structure your suggestions to lead someone into an experience from scratch.

So we go Imagine 1>>Imagine 2>>Real 2>>Real 1.

Imagine its stuck>>Imagine it feels stuck>>It feels stuck>>It’s stuck.

And we’re there!

Once your subject is hypnotized it’s a different story and we will analyze that in a later post, but this is the best way to get there from scratch.

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