What is Hypnosis?

In the last week or so I have developed a new understanding of what hypnosis is.

I have come to realize that there is a special state where people become more suggestible.

I have also relaized the nature of dreaming. It’s not what you think it is 🙂

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1. Assuming you listened to the ‘Reality is a Scam’ webinar http://wikihyp.com/events/free-conference-call, you know my understanding of hypnosis. Imagination uses the same neural pathways as reality does. The only way you can tell the difference between reality and imagination is because imagination isn’t that vivid. There are other ways, but thats the main one.

2. And so hypnotic phenomena is simply vivid imaginings to the point where it’s real. Hypnosis is when the subject vividly imagines that everything the hypnotist says is automatically reality. The subject truly experiences the suggestions as real. It’s not pretend.

3. And so it follows that bad subjects primarily are bad subjects because they are bad imaginers.

4. But even bad imaginers have a state where they imagine perfectly and vivdly. That state is called REM (and hypnogogia which is when your waking up or falling asleep).

5. The REM state is a real special state. It can be seen on a PET scan.

6. And so it would logically follow that if we put someone in a REM or hypnogogic state that they then will be able to imagine more vividly and therefore be an excellent subject.

7. Relaxation helps put people into that state. Just like when you fall asleep at night. Suggestion also helps.

8. Ergo, relaxation can lead to a special state where someone imagines better and therefore can do hypnotic phenomena better.

9. And so both sides are right. Hypnosis is all about imagination. Everything can be done without the state. BUT there is a special state where imagination becomes more vivid and by definition the person becomes a better subject.


10. Put someone into a sensory deprivation tank and they start to imagine and hallucinate vividly. This proves that cutting off sensory input and dissociating the person from the outside reality enhances imagination.

11. And so Occams Razor would tell us that dreams are a scam. Dreams are simply vivid imaginings. The reason we dream is because we are cut off from all outside input while we sleep (much like a sensory deprivation tank). The REM state isn’t a dream state. It’s simply a state when you’re asleep (cut off from outside input), but also aware, and so your imagination runs wild and it’s experienced as reality.

12. And so dreams are simply a subset of imagining. They have no ‘purpose’.

13. And so the ‘state’ is one of dissociation. Thats where the subject focuses inward and away from outside reality. In that situation imagination is vivid and enhanced. Dissociate them far enough and you end up in sleep land.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Another interesting post Joe.

    The first thing that crossed my mind when I read this post was Elmans sleep to hypnosis induction, the idea of that has always intrigued me, he seemed to consider it an extremely effective form of hypnosis.

    I have often wondered what the difference is between so called ‘waking’ eyes open hypnosis and ‘normal’ hypnosis (and conversational or covert hypnosis for that matter), most of the books I have read seem to imply waking hypnosis is somehow the lesser of the two, I pretty much concluded that there is no real difference except perhaps that people find it easier to visualise and imagine things vividly in the eyes shut no distraction scenario you tend to get in a more formal hypnosis setting. This would seem to tie up with what you are saying no?

    As for bad imaginers, I don’t think they exist, but there are people who either have bad conscious control of their imagination or simply think they are bad at it! I struggle with it myself and yet I know I can dream and can be creative, would it be possible to write this post without an imagination?

    I see Joe that you have replied to Maris and James and yet I can’t see their posts! I am curious as to what they said. Is the James in question by any chance James Tripp?

    Thanks for the post.

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