Text Hypnosis Tips

A lot of people want to know “is it possible to hypnotize someone over IM, or do you need at least a voice?” Happily the answer is a resounding YES!

In this post I will show you an advanced technique for utilizing your text trances even more powerfully.

What I do when I trance people using IM is I have the person lightly rest their hand on the keyboard with two fingers on two keys and the other finger on enter. We establish the key for yes and the key for no and I can then have them easily answer me without any effort or any looking at the keyboard. I use ] for no and [ for yes, although you can use whatever is comfortable for your client.

I have also found this to be useful to get an IMR in a text trance, you simply ask them to not type that letter consciously and ask the unconscious mind to type the letter for yes when its ready to communicate (“you can take as short as 3 seconds, or as long as 7 seconds…..” this makes sure you get a quick response).

Once you have communication with the unconscious (which you can get in in light trance, its just an automatic small finger movement), you can leverage that tremendously. You simply ask the unconscious mind if it’s OK to do stuff for you and then you ask it do go ahead and do it and signal yes when its been done. So for deepening you say “and now unconscious mind I would like to ask you to take him double as deep for an even more wonderful experience, is that OK with you?” wait for the yes signal, and then you type “please do that now and signal yes when it’s been done, you can take as short as 3 seconds or as long as 7 seconds to do that now”.

You can use it to create any effect you want, any anything! It makes the process a lot lot quicker and easier.


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  1. Hello!
    I have read your articles and links, they are really nice and I appreciate it, but I feel that something more should be added on to the links. but you efforts are marvelous and outstanding.
    Thanks for your efforts and advices.

  2. sir, I’m very much interested in this text hypnotism..
    and I’m looking forward to buy two of your therapy sessions. but before that i would like to have a chat with you in IM and get hypnotised. if I get hypnotised successfully, i myself as well as i insist my friends to buy your sessions. please let me know the, when can we chat.. and I’m from India for your information.
    waiting for your reply..
    and thanks in advance

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