Turning Nothing Into Something

So I was hypnotizing a friend the other day and I was working on name amnesia. I gave him the suggestion, woke him, and asked for his name.

He opens his eyes….. and he actually WAS able to say his name after a second. Big problem!!

But remember, if you are THE HYPNOTIST then everything always works and we use whatever we get to plow on. So what did I do?

I pointed out to him that it did take him a full second to remember his name, and showed him how everyone else remembered their names right away without a seconds delay.

Once he realized that and agreed, I told him that 2 seconds are just 1 plus 1 seconds, and if he drew a blank for one second then he could draw a blank for 1 plus one seconds. So I tested it, and it took him 2 seconds! Then we doubled that. And tested. And doubled that. And tested. And doubled that and tested. So it took him 16 SECONDS to remember his name!!

And we now had name amnesia!

The point is, even if it doesn’t “work” MAKE BELIEVE IT DID and grab any little tiny part of it that worked and then double that effect. And double that……

Remember, be THE HYPNOTIST!

Happy Trancing!

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