Skype Conference Call Recording

So the Skype call went quite well. We had a very distinguished audience and a couple of really good questions.

As there were technical difficulties and some people couldn’t get on the call, I have decided to release the recoding of the call for free to ya’ll. Enjoy and comment if you have anything to ask or add.

Here are all the clips from the call…


What is Hypnosis?

Context and Expectation

How Inductions Work

Indirect and Covert Hypnosis

Hypnosculpture and Win E

Instant Inductions and Nonverbal Inductions Explained

IM and Street Hypnosis

Triggering Models

Difficult and Analytical Subjects

Imagination and Stories

Answering the Questions

Emotion and Cognitive Dissonance

Hypnosis Doesn’t Exist

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  1. I would love to be a hypnosis volunteer i could try it over Skype?
    Really fascinated about how it all works and would be prepared to try anything!

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