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Utilization and resistance

In the past we have spoken extensively on being The Hypnotist. That entails making sure to keep an attitude of success. Whatever the subject throws at you is greeted with an attitude that it was expected.

Today we will explore a response that is even more powerful. Not only will we sidestep efforts at derailing our induction, we will actually use whatever is being thrown at us to facilitate trance.

For example, you’re inducing trance using a relaxation induction and the subject says “I can’t relax my body”. The hypnotist that has the wrong attitude will say “try harder to relax”. The hypnotist who has the proper THE HYPNOTIST attitude will say “wonderful, many people find that in the beginning they relax at a slower pace”.

The hypnotist who utilizes resistance will go one step further….. he will say “good…… and I wonder just how soon…. that interesting feeling of being unable to relax….. will completely capture your focus….. as you find that feeling impossible to ignore….. as you hear the sound of my voice”.

What has the hypnotist done here? He has taken resistance and used it in a powerful way to facilitate the trance state. The state of being absorbed in a feeling and unable to ignore a feeling is a profound state of trance. The hypnotist has also tied this to the sound of his voice, thereby creating a greater response potential from the subject.

Of course the subject can resist this suggestion, what that will do is make him not focus on that feeling of being unable to relax, and he will relax right into trance.

This is a fine example of a double bind being used along with a few other techniques, to neatly and simply use resistance in our favor.

Remember, any response, even resistance, is a good response. So long as we can create a response we can produce trance. It is only when there is no communication at all that we can’t induce trance.

If you have a particular resistance that you bump into and would like to find a solution for, simply leave me a comment in the comment section and I’ll think you up an answer!

Happy trancing!

July 8, 2009   2 Comments